We are very excited to announce that after several months of house hunting we finally found the house our families will call home!  I was recently telling a friend that my kids have now seen every square mile of Houston County from the backseat of our family minivan, where I am still finding half eaten nuggets and empty juice boxes.  I cringe at the number of Chick-fil-A drive-thru runs I’ve made in an effort to keep them occupied as I drove from house to house…to house 🙂  Their most popular question became, “Do we get to go in this time?”  That was always determined by the amount of filth and destruction found inside.

Nevertheless, the search continued with the help of our wonderful realtor, Ashley.  She faithfully unlocked doors, researched questions, and entertained our ever-changing idea of “the perfect house”, all the while knowing there would be very little personal gain.  I am still consumed with gratitude when I think of her commitment to helping us.  Thanks to her and several others, we closed on our “perfectly imperfect” house last week and walked away with a set of keys to a complete DISASTER…let me explain.

Our original search began with the idea of a “move-in ready” home.  Realistically, we knew we didn’t have the time or expertise to tackle a complete renovation; at least not if we wanted a livable house in this lifetime!  God, however, knew differently!  To make a long story (which we’ll share later) short, He sent an incredible man named Bob into our lives.  Bob understood our vision right away and encouraged us to look at homes that needed some TLC, convincing us that we could get more for our money if we were willing to put in some blood, sweat, and tears.  Not only has he served as a source of encouragement, but he has also volunteered to work side by side with us for the next two months as we renovate the house.  He is an EXPERT, as he has turned several disasters into masterpieces over the years. 

As it stands, the house is a complete mess; but even in its filth and “brokenness”, it’s easy to see it’s potential.  Gary and I were recently talking about the parallel between the house and our future families and it made us love the idea of the renovation even more!  We are so grateful that God has provided and can’t wait to get our hands dirty as we move one step closer to welcoming our first family!


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