God is once again providing for this ministry through the generosity of others.  We have witnessed it so many times over the past several months but are still overwhelmed by each blessing.  We are now two months into our renovation and Gary and I have been discussing our budget quite a bit lately.  We want to make this house beautiful; a place where our families feel safe, comfortable, and treasured, but we also need to ensure that bills are paid and food provided during the year.

In an effort to stretch our budget, we decided to put a small informational packet together describing The Restoration Initiative and its mission.  We headed to our local Home Depot store in hopes that they might feel compelled to discount a few items for us.  We left our packet for the store manager, Mike, and received a phone call later that day.  He was touched by the mission, and rather than discount the items, Home Depot offered to donate all of our paint, flooring, and lighting…their generosity saved us thousands of dollars which will now go directly toward the restoration of a family, rather than a house!  I have no doubt that God spoke to Mike’s heart, and we are so thankful he responded.  It was an awesome reminder of God’s faithfulness and provision.  Needless to say, Home Depot is now our home improvement store of choice! 🙂

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