What a wonderful weekend!  We have, once again, found unexpected blessing from a new church here in Warner Robins.  The Grove has been meeting for several months, and their numbers are quickly growing.  Their heart is outreach, and their members were eager to take on a service project.  After hearing about The Restoration Initiative, they decided that helping with our current renovation would be a great fit for their group.  We spoke with the pastor’s wife, Jessica, and decided to coordinate a volunteer weekend.  Unsure of what kind of turn out we would have, Gary and I put together an extensive list of projects that needed to be tackled, hoping that we might be able to cross a few off the list by the end of the weekend.  For two days, members of The Grove, most strangers to us, happily scrubbed, painted, landscaped, pressure washed, and completed any other task we assigned to them.  They wrote checks and dropped off donations, strangers became friends, and by Sunday evening, we had completed every project on our list.  We were able to accomplish more in two days, than Gary and I, using all of our free time, had been able to accomplish in months, and we were so encouraged!

Gary and I have wonderful friends and families.  When we began this project, we assumed they would be the ones who would come alongside us and help turn our crazy idea into something God could use to bless our community.  We thought we would have things up and running in no time.  The truth is, things didn’t go the way WE had planned.  So much of our support and encouragement has come from people who, before The Restoration Initiative, were complete strangers to us.  I can’t begin to tell you how encouraging it is when someone who knows very little about us sees the beauty in this project…no sense of obligation or favor, just a true conviction by the Holy Spirit to provide support.  Those are the times when we see God’s hand in this, and we are reminded that HE is providing.

We ended the weekend with an opportunity to speak at The Grove.  What a privilege it was to express our gratitude and share our hearts with such a wonderful group of people.  We are forever grateful to the generous men, women and little ones who lightened our load and encouraged our spirits.

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